Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cabled Bag

I started this bag a LONG time ago. It is the Cable Ready Bag from Lion Brand. I knit the two pieces pretty quickly and then it sat in my knitting basket needing seaming. While I took it easy yesterday in hopes my back would feel better, I seamed this up and attached the handles. Thanks to reading some comments on Ravelry of other people that have made this bag, I knew to only seam it up the sides to the top of the green so the bag would have a bigger opening. I had written to Lion Brand when I was almost finished with the second side in hopes that they would clarify their vague instructions for attaching the handles. They weren't very helpful so I gave up on finishing it. I ended up attaching the handles using a crochet hook. I ended up wrapping the yarn around the handle and then catching that yarn and pulling it through the loops on my crochet hook. I think I was single crocheting but I am not a crocheter at all so I am not sure. I love how it turned out. I am definately going to need to line this bag or it will stretch if I put anything in it. It is pretty heavy because the yarn is super bulky.


The Livingston Place said...

For cute!!! Hey, maybe you could make me a quilt someday...or better yet, teach me how and I'll make myself a quilt someday. I would love to do one that I have to piece together. How I wish I knew how to do that stuff! And knitting...how did you learn to do that? I want to make me a pair of socks, too! Golly! I have a lot to learn!

TLC said...

I would love to teach you to quilt! Maybe someday your sweety can send you here for a quilt retreat and you could go home with a finished quilt!

Conner Posse said...

i want it. i want it NOW. haha!! hmm...perhaps i should learn the skill and make one for myself. nah! i want YOURS. hahaha!!

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