Monday, May 19, 2008

Thanks, Mom!

I got a fun package in the mail on Saturday. My mom had sent me a package to cheer me up. I have degenerative disc disease and deal with low back pain on a daily basis and it has been more painful than usual lately. It was such a treat to open it up and discover five beautiful washcloths she knit for me and a bar of K. Hall Designs shea butter/olive oil soap. When I visited her in April she gave me a bar of their Pomegranate scented soap and I have been using it every day and LOVE it! I am so excited that when I finish with that one I get to try the Egyptian Jasmine which smells so good. The washcloths are lovely and so nice to use. She used cotton tots for two of them and they are extra soft. Even though I knit and could make my own knitted items, I love getting a knitted item as a gift. I appreciate it more because I know all about the time and love that goes into a gift that is handmade.


needles said...

That was so nice of her to do that! Beautiful washcloths and the soap sounds heavenly. I hope that you will be able to recover enough to enjoy your retreat!

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