Monday, May 26, 2008

Quilt Retreat

I just had the best weekend! It was a true vacation where I could just relax, do what I love, and not cook at all! I got there at 9am on Friday and set up all my stuff. I got sewing right away before everyone else had arrived.
Here was my view. Pretty, huh?

If you walk all the way across the lawn you get a better view of the water down below.

Well are you ready to find out why I had to make all those four patches? Drum roll please... I started by sewing them into the setting blocks for my quilt. That and cutting out some of the cream fabric into spacer blocks took pretty much the whole day Friday.

Then on Saturday I put all my blocks up on the design wall. I moved them around for a while and got some help from some of my friends until I loved it. Now let me tell you about these blocks. I joined an online swap that was being organized by one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Chiaverini of the Elm Creek Quilt novels. If you have never read them you need to because they are amazing. The swap was for blocks from her Sylvia's Bridal Sampler quilt. I signed up to make ten different blocks, five of each. So I sent her 50 blocks and got 50 different blocks back. They were made by quilters from all over the United States and some from Sweden. They are beautiful blocks and I wanted to put them in a quilt with a beautiful setting. I thought the setting I chose would really showcase these pretty blocks.

Once I had the layout of the blocks I started sewing my quilt together. This (see pic below) is how far I got when I realized I was running out of the cream background fabric. Yikes! I went to two stores that night trying to find it and they were all out. So on Sunday morning I called four more stores and put 3 yards on hold at one store and 3 3/4 yards on hold at the other. My husband said he would go Monday morning to both stores and pick them up for me. What a sweetheart!!

Since I couldn't work on my swap quilt (by this time I was glad to have a break from it), I worked on finishing my little patriotic redwork quilt that I brought with me. I finished handstitching the redwork and then bound it. Isn't it cute! It is only 8 1/2" x 11", the size of a piece of paper. I thought it was the perfect project to finish up on Memorial Day weekend.
I also worked on a Halloween wall quilt that I had started long ago. I am hand appliqueing the pumpkins and stars on and will be handstitching the words Happy Halloween in the middle. I made quite a bit of progress on it and plan to actually have it done so I can use it by this October!

My husband brought me the fabric on Monday morning after he ran around and bought it for me. I can't tell you what a relief it was to have the fabric in my hands knowing I would be able to finish my quilt.

I am home now and it is a beautiful Memorial Day. I am so grateful I got to go on this retreat and enjoy time with friends and quilt to my hearts delight. The food was incredible, seeing the other quilters projects was inspiring, and all the quilting knowledge I learned from these amazing women was priceless! Now that I shared what I worked on, let me show you what everyone else was up to...

This is a round robin that Virginia participated in. It was beautiful and the blocks were very small.

When we got to the retreat we got to pick a mug filled with fabric and little goodies. Virginia took that fabric and whipped up a quilt that included them! I was amazed.

Sandy made this fun quilt with a jelly roll and a layer cake. This picture doesn't portray how cheerful and fun the fabrics are.

Sandy also made this cute patriotic quilt out of a jelly roll.I was blown away by Margot's amazing thread pinning skills that she used to make this quilt.

Alice made this bright fun quilt filled with flowers and flip-flops for her niece that is graduating from high school.

Mimi made two of these quilts. A red version and a blue, but I only got a picture of the blue one. So cute!

Ruth made this cute quilt and also a crazy quilted stocking for her grandson.

Darlene made a reversible apron. Hamburgers on one side and tomatoes on the other. She was very sweet to model it for me.

And she made a very pretty quilt.

Barb is our guild president and known for her scrappy quilts. Here is one she was working on.

She also made this great tote and wallet set. And a big tote too. She raves about these patterns and the designer.

Lou showed me one of her finished quilts. Isn't it beautiful! It is made from batiks.

We took a field trip to Ada's room to see the cracker box quilt she made out of thirties fabrics. It really brightened up her room.

I snuck a picture of one of Ada's quilts while it was up on the design wall.

As we were about to leave Alice showed us all the quilts that she brought ready to quilt. She didn't end up getting to them but aren't they beautiful!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day! My husband surprised me by grocery shopping for the coming week so I don't have to and planned a barbeque for tonight. I can't wait!


Tina said...

All I can say is WOW! Thank you for taking all those pictures and sharing them. How fun to see everyone's beautiful work. I'm so jealous. You really got a lot done! I'm glad you had such a fabulous weekend!

Lou said...

Good job...I was just telling everyone here at work how muh fun it was this weekend - now I can show them! Thanks!

Conner Posse said...

you've been busy, woman! i loved reading about your retreat - i am so glad you had such a fantastic time! it was so fun to look at all the things people made and are working on. i love that you have a blog!!

Bea said...

Thanks for sharing all this lovely quilts... they are great!

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