Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bird Feeders

We made bird feeders today to hang in our backyard so we could watch the birds this summer. We made these a couple years ago and we saw lots of different birds coming to visit our bird feeder. They are easy to make. You just need some birdseed (we got some in the bulk section of our grocery store), creamy peanut butter, yarn (or something else to hang your bird feeder), and pine cones (here in the northwest they are everywhere, hopefully you can find some too).

First tie the yarn to your pine cones.

Spread the pine cones with peanut butter.

Roll them in the birdseed.

Hang them outside on a tree branch. We like to hang ours on a hook right outside the slider to our backyard. It is a primo spot to spy on the birds while they feast.

We watched for about an hour for the birds to flock to our bird feeder. We were all ready to get a great picture but no birds showed up. In the meantime the kids wandered off to play and I fell asleep. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.


Tina said...

Looks like a very fun activity. And it made me laugh how it ended!

We Six Nasons said...

That looks like fun to me too. I wish I had the patience to try it. Hey, I wanted to thank you for the goodies that I received in the mail! My kids and I really loved the dots. We demolished them right away, 12 a piece. The fabric is really nice too and well coordinated. It is fun to win!

Conner Posse said...

how fun - we are going to make these this summer, too!! it's fun to find little projects like these to do with the munchkins. we are constantly seeing birds in our backyard. it will be fun to see how they react to these bird feeders!

p.s. your backyard shot is just beeyooteeful!

Vanessa & Tyler said...

I have been wanting to do this we did this all the time growing up!
vanessa from

Bartlett Fam said...

did any birds ever show up?
can I invite you to my blog? I would need your info. :o)

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