Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I wanted to take a minute to honor my husband, who is having a birthday today! He is the greatest guy and so supportive of my quilting. If it were up to him our house would be covered in my quilts. (and it would be if I would stop starting and start finishing projects) He built me this quilting center a couple years ago that we designed together. It sits in the dining room right next to the dining room table (my favorite place to sew). I didn't want to be tucked away in a room when I quilted. I wanted to be where I could work and keep an eye on my kids. So he helped me figure out a way to quilt at the table and not have to haul all my stuff up and down the stairs. I love the twelve drawers that I use to hold my tools and my WIPs. The cabinets below are nice and big. Big enough to hold my sewing machine (not that I ever put it away). And it doubles as a buffet table when we have parties!

Last week he finished this quilt ladder for me. I had wanted a quilt ladder to display my bigger quilts. We worked together on the size and design. (that quilt is my sister, Tina, and my first Sister Quilt)

When I started knitting, he was a little unsure of this new craft that seemed to be taking over. I think he was worried that I wouldn't want to quilt anymore. But soon he saw that I could happily do both and when I asked him to make me a swift to wind yarn he got right to work on it for me.
He is my best friend, a very attentive dad, and the love of my life! BTW, did I mention that he is smokin' hot!


Jacquie said...

Good for you...happy birthday to him!

Anne Ida said...

Happy birthday to your DH!! Sounds like you have found a great guy :o) Love the work station/buffet table!!!

Lou said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Stitches. Did you sing to him and take him out to dinner?

Diane said...

Can you clone him. My husband is going to be in big trouble now that I saw these pictures!!!!

Quilting Journey said...

What a totally fabulous sewing cabinet. Your husband is truly an artisan! Now, this was truly (and not only sometimes...)a "great notion!"

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