Friday, June 13, 2008

Many Thanks!

Thanks for all the well wishes for me and my back. I went and got a cortisone shot yesterday and it seems to be helping. Today is the last day to comment on my last post and be entered in the drawing for...

I decided to mix dots and plaids. I think it makes quite a fashion statement, don't you?

To my delight, I received a package in the mail yesterday from my sister. She made me a pin cushion. Isn't it so cute! She used some of the fabric from one of our sister quilts in the pin cushion. I love it! Isn't that a cute card too? Thanks, Tina!

I got a lot of knitting done while I was laying in my chair. I worked on my Embossed Leaf socks. I have decided to name them Eve's Socks, since I think they are what would have graced her feet if she would have worn hand knit socks. I love this pattern and I really enjoy working from a chart. I enlarged the chart and put it on a magnetic board and I am using magnets to hold it and mark the row I am on. It makes it easy to keep track of where I am. I am enjoying the pattern too much to get Second Sock Syndrome.

See you tomorrow to announce a winner!


Jacquie said...

What a cute pincushion!Glad you are doing better.

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