Sunday, June 22, 2008


At about 7pm tonight we started a game of Monopoly (Seattle Edition) as a family. We figured we could play for just an hour until it was time for the kids to go to bed. An hour later the game was going well and no one wanted to stop so we kept playing. My daughter didn't land on a lot of properties so she was the first to be out of the game. I got her few properties because she owed me more money than she had. So that left my son, my husband, and me. That's when I started taking pictures because I knew I was doing good.

I was surprised at how well my husband was doing because he had the "railroads" and that was about it. But we all were landing on him so many times that he was raking in the dough. My son had great properties and had built lots of houses and hotels and lasted a long time but eventually he landed on my hotels too many times. I ended up with all he owned. And then there were two...

My husband held on for quite a while because he had a lot of cash. I kept on building as much as I could. We even ran out of hotels. He wanted to just be done but stuck it out and let me finish him off because I NEVER do this good and really wanted to play to the end. Eventually I cleaned him out and I won the game!

It was so fun and I love that my kids are old enough to play with us. It is great practice with money and math. My daughter was banker most of the game. My kids amaze me with their quick in their head math skills. They obviously got that from their Dad.

Finally at 10pm (this would have never happened if it wasn't summer) the kids were ready for bed and we were saying goodnight. My son just bought this toy this week...

...and we started playing with it. He bought it with some money he earned. It was at Target right next to the cash registers. It is so cool! You can record what you say and play it back. Then you can warp the voices by making them high or low. It is so funny! We stood their recording our voices like a barber shop quartet and then playing them back and making them really high or really low for about 15 minutes. Finally they went to bed.

I just love those times where we all have a great time together making memories. It is fun that the kids are getting older and we can do things and play games that as adults we like to play. Even though I sometimes miss when they were really little, I don't miss the endless, mindless games like Candyland!


Tina said...

Sounds like a great night, and now that you blogged about it, you won't forget it! Congrats on the win!

Jacquie said...

Games are so great for family time. and good for you, you tycoon you!

Sandy said...

Tricia --

Maybe we should play this at the next quilting retreat. When we get sore and tired from sewing, go back to the dining room for a on-going game of Monopoly. Hey -- I still have my board from when I was a kid.

See ya next Saturday if not at the Stuff 'n Sale tonight.

Sandy (the quilter -- hehe :-) )

The Livingston Place said...

Oh For FUN! I love to hear what you guys are up to! I adore you and I wish I could hang out with you and you could teach me how to quilt! I love you!!!

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