Thursday, July 24, 2008

Block of the Month(s)

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in UFOs? I have twelve project drawers in the sewing cabinet that my husband built for me. Well, ok, two of them are filled with my knitting needles and patterns and stuff, so ten, wait, two more are filled with quilting tools and stuff. So, I have eight drawers to hold my current (and not so current) projects. They are packed! (and lets not even talk about the practically forgotten UFO's that are stuffed in bags and shoved in the cabinets underneath)

One huge culprit of the UFO problem is my Block of the Month quilts. I have been in at least one block of the month program each year since 2004. My first one was in the form of a Saturday morning class and it cost all of $5. Not per month. $5 total for the entire class. A quilt top for $5. I signed up before I even saw the quilt. That quilt sat in block form until I finally put the top together this year and had it quilted. Now it just needs a binding.

The Block of the Month quilt for 2005 was in an Amish/brights style and they raised the price to $15 for the year. I actually finished this one and it hangs in my stairwell. Sorry for the weird angle, that's the best I could do.

I loved the quilt for 2006. The fabric was beautiful and it had a lot of traditional blocks. But it also had some new techniques like a block with folded flowers. I think the class went up to $25 but it was still a great deal. The only thing I didn't like about this quilt was that it had a big dog block and a big cat block. Now I know this will be shocking that I don't love cats (and dogs, but mostly cats) being that I am a quilter. But I have a really good reason. I am really allergic to them. So I didn't include those blocks in the quilt and decided to piece a mountain range instead. It goes great with the quilt but I haven't finished it and that's why it sits in the drawer.

Oh...and the other reason is that I have to piece a gazillion of these log cabin blocks for the border.

Last years Block of the Month class ended up being the Northcott flower of the month series. It was kind of a mystery because we didn't know what the block would look like until we went in every month. Each block was a different group of fabrics highlighting a flower. The only problem was that the blocks don't match at all! So it is kind of hard to decide how to put them into a quilt. And did I mention that they are between 15" and 16", which is huge and not consistent so I really have no idea what to do with these. And I am pretty sure this fabric series wasn't as popular as they hoped because after this block of the month series ended a lot of the quilt shops had the fabric on sale. What would you do with them?

Well, it is 2008 and you would think I would have learned my lesson by now. But no, I haven't. And I didn't sign up for just one block of the month this year. I signed up for three. I went with the same shop I have every year before. I joined this time (they have really raised the price) because, well, it's tradition.

Then I joined another one that will be a Sashiko quilt with gorgeous Japanese fabrics.

And finally I joined one for another local quilt shop. With this one I don't have to show my completed block each month. I don't think that is a good thing since I haven't made one yet. I really blame it on the Thangles. I have never worked with Thangles before so I just put it off. I am sure they are not hard, in fact they are supposed to make life easier. I just haven't found that time to sit down and find that out for myself.

So there you have it. It's a sickness really and I think the only way to cure it is to get all my past block of the month quilts finished. At least before I sign up for three more next year! Does anybody need to join Block of the Month Anonymous with me?


Kentanner11 said...

Wow! Those are very nice! Dont worry about the thangles- they are super easy!

Thanks for a great blog!


Jacquie said...

This does look a bit like an addiction, but a positive one! I do get a bit overwhelmed by my unfinished projects. What's a girl to do?

Donna said...

Your post is so funny and reminds me of my own UFOs. No matter how many I finish there are always more. To make it worse, I really, really am yearning to start something new right now. Your BOMs are all great. Maybe you can make your flower of the month blocks into a few table runners for gifts.

Penny said...

they are all so beautiful!! Maybe if you didn't have to actually sleep, eat and shower, you could get them all done in time?

Lou said...

I'm just the 'enabler', I don't help with cures!

Amber said...

Oh I really don't like UFO's - and I have a ton of them!! Your quilts are all gorgeous....I love the idea above about making the flower blocks into table runners...or maybe pillows or tote bags?
I think I like starting new projects and then get bored and don't want to finish them!
Good luck on the quilt finishing!

Dianna said...

How many of those blocks are there that don't match? Could you make them into wall hanging and give them out as gifts to teachers and friends? Could you make lap quilts and donate them? Thanks for sharing. It is fun to read your stories.

Quilting Journey said...

The first step in any 12 step program is admitting you are powerless to your addiction ;)Congratulations on not only taking the first you only have 11 more months to go! I really enjoyed my visit, will definitely come back and have added you to my bloglist!!Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog so I could track back and 'meet' you! Michele in Salem, OR

Mary said...

I have many UFO's but only one unfinished Block of the Month quilt, of course - its the only BOM quilt I've ever done. One of these days I'll catch up!

We Six Nasons said...

Those are all great projects! I really hope that you can turn them all into FO's and that you share them with us. Beautiful work.

Sandi said...

I am hopelessly addicted to BOM's!! Some I finish, some are still "in-progress", but one day they will get done! I'm even going to offer a BOM on my blog even though no one probably needs another one! P.S. I love those pink-striped socks you made!

fairychildheirlooms said...

I love your strawberry fabric! The quilt wil be gorgeous when you get it done!

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