Monday, July 21, 2008

My Doll Quilt Arrived!!!

I was so surprised to get a package today and from someone I didn't know. The whole way back from the mailbox I was trying to figure out what it could be. Then it dawned on me that it might be from the doll quilt swap I signed up to be in. I was so excited as I ripped open the box and as soon as I looked inside I laughed because I read her blog!! And she posted the other day with a sneak peek of what she was sending out and I thought to myself, whoever gets that is so lucky! I can't believe I am the lucky one! She sent me a whole box full of goodies and a sweet little quilt that made me get all teary.

I got lots of candy. Lemonheads and Red Hots are perfect to snack on while quilting or knitting becasue they don't get melty and messy all over your work. And I am really excited to try Bulls-Eyes because I have never had them and they look yummy!

I also got this absolutely adorable little bag (that btw is perfect for knitting socks on the go) filled with tons of great stuff.

Can you believe it all fit in that little bag? I love little note pads and sticky notes and that sort of thing, so I was excited to find so many cute ones! I love the cute pen that I will use to write on my new sticky notes. And I'm always wishing I had index cards but never remember to buy them, so that was fun to find in the bag too! And of course I could always use more quilting notions! And I laughed at the tape measure because if she reads my blog she knows I lose them all the time.

Also in the adorable little bag was this cute fabric...

I love it! It has the cutest winter wonderland scenes and they all look so cute together. I can't wait to make a quilt with it! I am pretty crazy about this one that came in the bundle...

It has knit stitches all over it! Isn't that the cutest!

Ok, now for the best part...

She made me a quilt to remember my summer with my family. She read my blog and made a quilt that has memories in every fabric that she picked. It is amazing! She free motion quilted words all around the outside that reference people, places, and activities from the last three or four months. I just sat there holding the quilt and getting all misty eyed.

Now I am going to get sappy and mushy and I don't care. Donna. Thank you! I can't believe how much I love this sweet quilt. I am so touched by how personal you made it. Thank you for taking the time to make it for me. You made me feel so special. And thank you for all the extras you included with my quilt. You are wonderful!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Aw how sweet, thoughtful and yes - wonderful. I love the package. You are lucky! Darlig stuff.

Donna said...

Thanks for such a lovely post. I had so much fun. Enjoy! Now I can post comments on your blog! I did not want to give myself away before. Silly, I know.

Conner Posse said...

if you don't want your bulls-eyes, i'll eat 'em. :o)

cute quilt!!

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