Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthday Weekend

This last weekend was a big secret! Sunday was my daughter's birthday and my husband and I had been planning a secret getaway for our family. It started Thursday night when we surprised the kids with a Mariners game. We left the house with an excuse to run some errands, put a movie on it the car, and the kids didn't even realize what was going on until we got there. It was Stitch n Pitch night and I brought my knitting...

Yep, I started another sock! I already had tickets to sit in the section with all the knitters but my husband got tickets from work to their company's suite. How can you pass up a comfy chair and lots of yummy catered food? In the 6th inning we all took a trip up to the knitting booths so I could fondle the yarn. I was so tempted by some sock yarn that was dyed in the Mariner's colors but I resisted because I have a ridiculous sock yarn stash that should keep me happy for years. (some day I will show you a picture of my addiction that is sock yarn)
After the game we put another movie on in the car (perfect distraction) and drove out to a friend's cabin to spend the next couple days. Again the kids didn't pay attention and when we pulled up they were so excited. We spent the next couple days alone as a family playing games and spending time together. It was so peaceful. I even got some time to work on my new sock and read my book.
I think the highlight of the trip was the tunnel. This tunnel is part of the Iron Horse Trail and was originally built for the railroad. It is now paved over and is popular for bicyclists and walkers. It is over 2 miles long and pitch black inside.

It is a little scary to come upon it and know you are going in. The kids were a little freaked out but really wanted to try it.

We were armed with flashlights and headlamps. It is crazy when you are inside and all you can see is what the beam of your flashlight shows you. The walls are covered in soot so we walked right down the middle, except when we scooted to the side when a bicyclist came by. The tunnel is perfectly straight so you can see the light of the other side for miles. Here is a shot of what we saw if we turned our flashlights off...

Isn't that crazy! I still kind of can't believe I could do it being that I am a little claustrophobic sometimes. Here are my kids keeping each other "safe" while they walked. They were only scared for the first few minutes in the tunnel and at that point they were clinging to mom and dad. For them to be able to walk without us shows that they were just fine.

Here is a view of the other side of the tunnel. We actually weren't planning on walking the whole thing but after we got going the kids really wanted to get to the "light at the other end".

We found a geocache on the other side. I think this is the biggest ammo can I have ever seen! The kids were excited to pick out some prizes.

Here is a picture of us heading back through the tunnel. (this is right at the opening)

We headed home Saturday night so we could be home to go to church on Sunday and because we were having family over for a birthday dinner for my daughter. In Primary (the children's Sunday school) she was highlighted and sung to for her birthday. I provided a funny story about her and I wanted to share it with you...

When she was 5 years old she had the stomach flu and I had put a bucket by her bed. After the first time she threw up in it I took it to go clean it out. She said, "Don't take it away". I said, "Why?". She said, "Because I want to try and fill it up".

Isn't that disgusting!! and funny!!


Tina said...

What a fun birthday weekend! That tunnel is crazy, and that ammo can is huge! And the story...priceless!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a cute post. Your daughter sounds like a doll. I'm sure they loved the game. I'd be scared to death to go in the tunnel!!! You guys are so brave. I love taking my sewing with me to places. I can't imagine how fun it would be if there was a group like that at a game. love that idea.

We Six Nasons said...

Yes, to both! What a fun trip and neat memories. Did you get a sock done?

Wool Winder said...

How fun to surprise your kids like that!

My son is big into geocaching. He'd get a kick out of the size of that ammo box. I guess there's no good way to disguise something that size. Is it just out in the open like that?

Jacquie said...

whoa, that tunnel is so cool. good for the kids. we would LOVE that...i'm putting it on our list of places to go and things to do!

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