Thursday, August 7, 2008

UFO Completed!

Thank you for all your comments about your quilting pet peeves. It was fun to read all of them and be able to relate to eachother as quilters about what bugs us. It's a good thing that the wonderful things about quilting far outweigh the bad.

I finally finished my first block of the month quilt from 2004, yay me!! It is quite pathetic that it has taken me this long, but I prefer not to dwell on that. I am just so happy that it's done and I love it. This is the quilt that I ran out of bobbin thread on (previous post) and then when I wound the new bobbin and started sewing with it and it kept breaking. Fun! But I worked it out and soldiered on.

Yep, I put this binding on by machine. No hand stitching for me. Not that I have a problem with hand stitching, I have finished many quilts with a hand stitched binding. But I really wanted a decorative stitch and I didn't see the point in doing it by hand and then stitching over it with a decorative stitch. I don't have that much time! And for a quilt that I started in 2004 the most important thing is that it gets done!

I am really proud of myself for getting the decorative stitching to line up right along the binding on the front and back of the quilt. That is usually a problem for me but not this time! I had this handy dandy tutorial. Thanks, Cassie!

I love the pinwheels in the corners!

Here is a shot of the front (the colors look washed out from the sun).

I think a pieced backing adds character.

If you haven't checked out Crafty Giveaways as I mentioned in my folded flowers post, you should click your way over there. She does giveaways regularly and they are really great ones. This week she is giving away completed blocks to make an Irish chain quilt!


Tine said...

Who cares when you started this quilt?! It is absolutely gorgeous -and finished! I love the binding, I wish my machine could do decorative stitches....let's face it, there's no way I'm ever going to handstitch buttonhole-stiches all along a quilt-binding!!
-well, maybe a mini? It looks wonderful!

Donna said...

Pretty quilt. I love the colors and the way you finished the binding. I am going to check out that tutorial.

jovaliquilts said...

Looks great -- blue and yellow are such a happy combination! And thanks for the link to the binding tutorial. I would like to know how to machine stitch a binding, but my one attempt was a dismal failure. This tutorial should help.

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Lol* I have never yet successfully sewn a binding on completely by machine. It always comes out sloppy looking for me. I think you must have patience. I kind of enjoy stitching down the binding, but, I also like the idea of finishing a quilt! :) I really love those bright colors - I'm a big fan of yellow & blue together! :)

Sunny said...

I love this quilt. Congratulations on the finish. The decorative stitches look so neat. The true colors are splendid. Reminds me of childhood.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

If I could sew more evenly I would machine stitch my bindings too. You've done a nice job. This is a lovely quilt.

We Six Nasons said...

Beautiful quilt. I love doing block of the month quilts and it feels even better to complete them. Is this for you?

Cheryl said...

2004, I think that is really great. I have projects waaaaaay older than that, that aren't finished!!! Great job and your quilt is wonderful.

Mary said...

It looks great! I only done one BOM and it's sitting waiting to be assembled - my Mom even helped by stitching down all the applique in exchange for me quilting hers.

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