Friday, January 2, 2009

Knitting for 2009

I realized that I did a whole post on my goals for 2009 in regards to quilting but didn't mention a word about knitting. Shame on me! I do a pretty good job balancing the two but sometimes one has to take a backseat to the other.

For Christmas my sister gave me two beautiful sock yarns (cleverly packaged) all wound and ready for knitting. They are both Pagewood Farms, one of my favorite sock yarn makers. She must be psychic because one of the yarns she gave me is called Fabulous Fall and I have been visiting that colorway at my LYS for months now. But since I am on a sock yarn diet I have resisted. My discipline paid off! Now I have it in my hot little hands but can't cast on until all my sock orphans are done. That should be enough motivation, right?

My knitting goals for 2009 are pretty simple:

1. Finish my first sweater and hopefully want to wear it
2. If that goes well, start another one
3. Knit as many pairs of socks as possible (emphasis on the word 'pair')
4. Continue my sock yarn diet
5. Give away all the yarn I don't want anymore (I am not as crazy about acrylic and novelty yarns as I use to be)

I am really excited about my quilting and knitting goals for 2009. Should be a fun creative year!!


Tina said...

both of us posted about knitting today...does that mean anything :o)? I can't wait to see your sweater in progress!

Catherine said...

I love my scarf -- so can't wait to see your sweater in progress!

ChristyH said...

Very good goals and sound similar to mine. I have to say though the stash diet will be the hardest part.

Tine said...

emphasis on the word pairs! That made me LOL! That is the reason I have only ever knitted 2 pairs of socks. By the time I have finished one, I am bored with hte project, feel it should really be finished, and I REALLY don't want to start up the second sock!

We Six Nasons said...

I really like your pizza boxes, that is a very good idea for organizing projects. I never would have been that clever. I look forward to all the things you are going to make this year. Happy New Year!

trisha too said...

that yarn is gorgeous!

JudyL said...

Knitting seems to happen only when waiting for an appointment or riding while DH is driving. Love your sock yarn and we love McCann's Irish Oatmeal too. We always buy it in a box and never seem to get a tin though.

Johnna said...

Whoa, that's my tin online. Your simple goals are impressive. I felt a little guilty that I didn't give you the oatmeal too. We ate it all December, cooked up in a crockpot.

I'm glad you love those hand-dyed warm reds as much as I did. For non-knitting me finding Pagewood Farms yarn, I have to credit your guardian angel, and my local LYS, Bobbin's Nest Studio.

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