Saturday, April 4, 2009


Do you read blogs through Google Reader? Do you hate that it is so plain and you wish you could see the blogger's cute header? Do you hate that it takes so long to click over to each blog to make a comment? Do you feel overwhelmed by the fact that it shows you that there are still 150 posts to read? Are you wondering where I am going with this?

Well wonder no need the Next button. My blog reading was revolutionized and the time it took to read them all was cut in half! (I didn't actually time that but it sure feels like it and don't I sound like an infomercial)

The Next button is a link in a skinny little toolbar that sits under you browser. Any time you are online you can click that button and it will take you to a blog post from your google reader. Yep, right there on that blogger's cute page with the comments options at the bottom. If there is a link in their post you can click on it and surf around until your done. As soon as you are ready to read the next blog post from your google reader you just click the Next button and it takes you right to another blogger's page. I feel like I am flipping through a good book reading all my blogs. It is so awesome!!

If you are as excited about this as I am then click on over to Tina's blog because she walks you through setting up your Next button!


Lindsey said...

I love this feature but I find it doesn't give me all the "past" posts I may not have read only does the ones for that day...which in turn, keeps me current on blog reads. Any ideas?

Trisha said...

Hmm...that's weird because when I haven't read blogs for a while and use my Next button I can get all caught up. It starts with the current day and then works back until you have seen all the blogs stored in your Google Reader. I am currently reading blogs and I am three days back. If I set the computer aside for a while and come back there are some current day posts again but as soon as I read those it goes back to the three days ago where I left off. Does that make sense?

Candace said...

Thanks a bunch for Next Trisha - I really need this!

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