Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quilt Show - part 2

The show had a great display of journal quilts. A journal quilt is a quilt that is about 8 1/2" x 11" (about the size of a piece of paper). It can be anything you want. You can capture your thoughts and feelings into your quilt. You can try new techniques. Try your hand at beading on a quilt. And it is great because it is not a huge commitment to a big project. Sonia Grasvik, an award winning quilter from the guild, organized a journal quilt category and even taught some workshops leading up to the show. (these quilts were not judged)

This is only about half of the journal quilts that were there. I love how she arranged the quilts on the long black pieces of felt. And here are just a few of the journal quilts that were on display. (click on the pictures to see the detail)

This is a whole cloth journal quilt. All hand quilted and as you can see she used trapunto.

Here is a cute and quirky self portrait of our featured artist Mary Allen.

These are so beautiful. I wish I had taken a picture closer up so you could see the detail.

I love the colors and the sun on this one...

This one is so cool...

I love Fall leaves and this journal quilt had such texture. She used felt and I believe needle punched the felt leaves.

I love this city scape.

Can you guess the movie this one represents?

Very artistic.

This one is very pretty.

There were so many journal quilts that I couldn't show you all of them but hopefully this inspires you to try making a journal quilt of your own.


Lou said...

I'm glad you got some of the journals up close and personal. They were so inspiring. Just gorgeous.

Rebekah said...

journal quilts seem like the best way to try out a new technique on a small canvas. That last floral quilt is beautiful!

Dena said...

Very inspirational. I haven't tried journal quilting yet, but I like the idea they are small and perfect for trying new techniques.

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