Monday, June 8, 2009

Quilt Show - part 8

Remember when I pointed out our featured artist, Mary Allen, and the quilt of her granddaughter? Well here is a quilt using the same technique but in gray scale.

Check out this detail!

Lovely florals with a cute picket fence

This quilt uses a really cool technique. They are just four patches. You cut the fabric from the repeat of the pattern so that your four pieces are identical and then you just play with them until you find an arrangement you like. With this floral she made new four patch flowers. You can see the fabric she started with in the borders. Isn't it gorgeous!

This quilt is machine pieced. The border is hand appliqued and the entire quilt is hand quilted. This is a wedding quilt and all the wedding guests signed it in the bigger cream pieces in the middle of the quilt. It is an incredible investment of time and love from the quilter for her son and new daughter-in-law.

Here is another stunning quilt. She didn't have it judged (we all think she should have) but she did get the President's Choice award from our guild president.

Ah, a classic Double Irish Chain

And another classic Trip Around the World pattern

That's all for the quilts portion of the show. Come back tomorrow for one more quilt show post!


Dena said...

What an interesting technique with the four-patches. Looking at the finished quilt you'd never know it is made up of four-patches.

Rebekah said...

these quilts are amazing! I really love the grey scale quilt. It must have taken hours to arrange and piece.

And, that wedding quilt is beautiful! What an awesome gift.

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