Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Mail

Thanks for all of you comments on our Amazing Race and surprise trip. I feel very lucky to have a husband who loves us and took the time to arrange the surprise. I jokingly told him that he better not come on here and read all of your comments or he would get a big head. He just laughed.

I got some fun mail yesterday. I won a giveaway over at Simply This, That, and the Other for Hawaiian fabric. They were some leftover pieces from a coin quilt that Jodi had made. Aren't they so cute! My husband and I took our first trip to Hawaii a few years ago for our 10th anniversary. We had such a great time and can't wait to go back. I am so excited to make my own Hawaiian coin quilt. I am sure every time I look at it I will remember that wonderful week with my sweetheart in paradise. Thanks, Jodi!

I also got the second installment of 9 patch blocks from the 3 x 3 swap I have been participating in for the last couple months. They are so cute! I am still trying to decide what I am going to do with these. I think we have one more month in the swap.

Have a great day!


Dena said...

Looks like you're going to be playing for awhile. Love the 3x3 blocks.

Rebekah said...

that definitely is some fun mail! That nine patch swap sounds like a fun swap, especially with the smaller size

em's scrapbag said...

Your coin quilt will be a great reminder of a fabulous time with your hubby. Love that fabric. Your 9 patches look wonderful.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I work with a girl whose family is from Hawaii. The coin quilt is so cute. She's going to have a baby. I thought it would be a cute quilt to make for her. Darn! And I didn't win!! It is a sweet idea. Good for you.

julieQ said...

How very pretty! I am glad you won, enjoy!

Di~ said...

I see a 9 patch that I made in that picture!!! yeah! It's the one with Heather Bailey fabrics!

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