Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year? Still Christmas here!

Christmas lasted a while longer here at my house. And I am not talking about the fact that we finally undecorated. I got a present in the mail from Tina, who most of you know is my sister. We got each other's names in our family gift exchange drawing. So fun! She made me a fabric basket that had some goodies inside.

I opened it up and found this adorable little quilt.

This little quilt can also be a cover for my sewing machine. It has ribbons attached with the cutest little spools tied at the ends. I love how she sent little pictures to show me its different uses.

She also sent a little photo album with a basketball on the cover. We get to fill it with pictures of my kids playing their first season of basketball. She also gave me a gift certificate to get my knitting fix from Knit Picks (I already placed my order) and my quilting fix from The Fat Quarter Shop. She spoiled me!!

Do you remember these socks I made for a special someone for Christmas?

They were for my sister, Johnna. She sent me this picture, she loves them, and they fit! I was so excited that she sent me a picture of herself wearing them.

Funny thing about the family gift exchange...I had Tina's name and made her a gift. I had Johnna's name and made her a gift. I didn't realize until after Christmas that my husband had one of their names in the exchange but I am not sure which. I guess I just got excited and took care of both gifts. Oops!


Tina said...

So glad you like my gift, and so happy that I could make Christmas last longer for you :).

Lou said...

Okay - I totally feel like a lazy slug now. I got Casey's quilt on the frame...does that count. And I got the block done for next week's class. Now I'm going to go rest!

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Awww what a great sis you have! She picked great colors and I absolutely love the quilt/machine cover. The little fabric basket that matches is ADORABLE!

Rebekah said...

What a fun gift from your sister! That's so cool that you all exchange crafty gifts with each other...I just have to get my sisters to that point now :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Sisters are fabulous. Love mine. Fun stuff.

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