Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Schnibble

I want to start this post with a big thank you to all my readers. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me share with you, whether you comment or not. Although, I do really appreciate and love when you do. :) To show my appreciation I wanted to do a giveaway, but first here is my Schnibble quilt for June.

The pattern for June is called State Fair (I love that movie) and it was lots of fun to pick the fabric for. This is my first stash quilt since the reorganization and boy did I have fun picking out fabric!


I love how this quilt evolved. When I was choosing fabric I picked out some some darker and brighter fabric which I thought would add interest. But when I laid the blocks out I wasn’t sure about those dark/bright fabric randomly scattered around. So I did some rearranging and ended up with a secondary pattern. I love it!


Doesn’t this look like a good quilt for a baby girl?


Ok so now for the giveaway! I recently got my hands on some very sought after out of print fabric and I would like to share some with you. Want to see it?


Did you just scream or faint or anything? If not you must not be part of the Flea Market Fancy Freaks group. Seriously that is for real! Anyways, I am giving away a fat quarter of this fabric to one of my wonderful readers. Shh, don’t tell anyone. This is not a spread the word kind of giveaway. One comment per person and if you are a Follower make sure and mention it in your comment and you get another chance at winning. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear Jane

My sister and I had a long overdue Dear Jane marathon.  We do these marathons now and again where we set aside a couple days on the calendar to work on our Dear Jane quilts.  This has been a project that has been going on for years for us and every once in a while we sit ourselves down and give ourselves a stern talking to.  Not really, it is more like we get on the phone and talk about how we really need to make some progress.  We are over a hundred blocks along by now (really it is over 200 if you are counting both our quilts) and there are one hundred and sixty nine blocks (4 1/2” finished) total.   And that is just the middle.  We aren’t even talking about the pieced triangle border yet because that just causes us to break out in a sweat.  So here is what I accomplished over the last two days…   



I-13, Sweet Harmony



K-8, Springbrook Park




D-1, Alison’s Guiding Light

At the beginning of our Dear Jane journey we split up all the blocks evenly.  Now I am trying to strike a bargain with her that I will do some of her paper pieced blocks that have a bazillion pieces if she will do some of my teeny tiny applique blocks.  I am not sure if she will go for it though.  Maybe if I throw in picking out all the paper from the paper pieced blocks before handing them over to her.  Think that will work?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fabric Therapy (and I don’t mean buying more of it)

I got together with a blog friend recently.   Her name is Alexis and she blogs over at The Quilts of Mimi Park.  She is super talented and I got to know who she was when she made a doll quilt for me for the Doll Quilt Swap #6.  I got to meet her in person at Jaquie’s trunk show in Seattle.  Just last week she came to my home for a day of sewing and  I am sure she didn’t realize that when she accepted the invitation that she would become my fabric therapist.  She was working on this great little scrappy quilt that she designed and I noticed it was great mix of fabrics.  Some designer, some not and it was so rich and striking in color.   When I took a closer look I noticed that a few of the fabrics were the type you have in your stash for a while but it added so much to the quilts color variety and richness.  It was such an eye opener for me.  It got us talking and I lamented about my stash and how I am not loving most of it.  I keep it in my son’s closet in huge 18 gallon bins separated by color (two colors in each bin).  I have been quilting for about 13 years and some of the fabric I have is about that old.   When I started reading blogs I started noticing fabric wasn’t just fabric anymore.  It had the designer’s name attached to it and that seemed to be really important.  I got swept up in all that name dropping until I couldn’t look at my stash of no names without disappointment.  Alexis breezed through my door with a reminder that I used to love to design quilts and peruse my stash for new and inventive fabric combinations.  Also, that my own ideas used to flow and I would sketch them regularly. 

She got me so fired up that I set to making my stash work for me right away.  With lots of ideas from Alexis I attacked my stash.  I knew I had to have it displayed in a way that I could see it all.  The only place I could think of is a bookshelf in my bedroom.  So I cleared all the books off and boxed some up and relocated others.  I cleared out every storage bin of my stash and folded them in three different sizes depending on how much yardage each one was.  And after a few days this is what I had.


It was such an eye opener for me to see it all stacked together and where I could see it all.  It looked so pretty!  What a revelation!  I immediately was able to see fabrics that I would like to put together.  I even put my quarantined designer fabric with the rest of my stash.  I know, what a concept.  I learned that I had a lot more blue than I thought.  I learned that I have plenty of fabric and that it takes up a lot less room when it is folded neatly.  I learned that when you hoard your favorites for too long then they aren’t your favorites anymore and that you should have used them when you loved them.

The next thing I learned is that I have a lot of little scraps and that I really should use them to make those quilts I love, you know scrap quilts, but have never really made one myself.  So I put them where they can’t be ignored.  These drawers used to hold my WIPs but now they hold my scraps and I am hoping that will make all the difference in them getting used. 


I had high hopes that my son could actually have his closet back but that is not a reality at this time.  I had to relocated my WIPs and UFOs there.  I did eliminate two of the 18 gallon bins though which left a space in his closet that he has claimed as a great place to read with the doors closed and his book light handy.   And the shelf that used to hold piles of fabric and projects now holds my quilt magazine collection.  It looks a lot neater in there and we were reminded that those bins help my son to reach his clothes.  So really they are there to help him.  That’s what I tell myself. 


It couldn’t have been more perfect timing when I read Em’s post about having a summer scrap challenge.  It is the push I need to get organized for a leaders and enders scrap quilt.  I love the idea of making a scrappy quilt while working on other projects.  What a bonus!  So I joined up.  Thanks, Em!  And a huge thank you to Alexis for a great therapy session.  Let’s do it again soon!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bring on Summer


Kids in the kitchen

My kids helping make dinner the other night.

No more homework!  No more books!  No more teacher’s dirty looks!  Yay, today is the last day of school!  I think I am more excited than the kids and let me tell you they are excited.    I am looking forward to not being so scheduled or at least being scheduled the way we want to be.  We are going to spend the summer camping, cooking (the kids have been begging me to give them cooking lessons), at the zoo, at the beach, at the library, playing games, reading, and whatever else we feel like doing.  Now if it would just stop raining that would really be the icing on the cake.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Working Together

He cut… 


I cut… 


He assembled…


I assembled…


He ended up with something beautiful…


And so did I…


Don’t you just love working together? 

Kind of together? 

Does it count if we were in the same room?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A New Tradition


On Saturday was the Sound to Narrows 5K.  My family walked it last year and had such a great time that we signed up to do it again this year.  My husband and daughter signed up for the run and my son and I signed up to do the walk. 


A few days before the event my sister asked if their family could join us.  Of course!  So her husband and son would run it and she and her daughter would walk it.  They spent the night at our house (we live closer to where the event was held) so we could get out early the next morning.  The cousins were so excited to be together and to ride the bus from where we parked the car to the race.



It is such a fun event and so well attended.  Thousands of people show up to take part in the fun.  They have a race for everyone in the family.  They have the 12K, the 5K run, the 5K walk, the 2K, and a diaper dash that is about 200 yards for the really little kids.  The 5K run started a half hour before the walk so we were able to see our family members who did the run cross the finish line right before we had to run over to start our race.  My husband and daughter ran the whole thing without walking and crossed the finish line in 29 minutes.  So awesome!  It was fun to walk with my sister and a good thing too because my son wanted to run it instead of walk it so he took off (with my permission) and ended up being the first of the walkers to cross the finish line.  He ran the entire 5K!  My sister’s daughter skipped happily along almost the whole way and we had to walk fast (and sometimes jog) to keep up with her.  We were able to walk it in about 45 minutes.  So the goal for next year is to run the 5K with the rest of my family.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My new favorite quilt

Here is the big reveal!  This is what I did with all those gorgeous solids I showed you in the previous post


I saw this quilt in my April 2010 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting and fell in love.  I loved the bright colors and the modern design.  I stalked Kona sales online for a couple weeks until finally ordering the whole lot from Fabric Depot.  When my order arrived in the mail I found that some of the colors were a little too close to each other in shade.  I supplemented from some Kona solids from JoAnns, just a few.  I really need one of those Kona color cards! 



The pattern calls for assorted bright solids so I just picked what I liked in a variety.  When it came time to pair them up I laid out the stacks of colors and started putting them together starting with stack one and then all of stack two.  That way there were no duplicates.  The white is Kona Snow and the sashing and borders is Kona Teal Blue.  The teal is the same color they used in the magazine and I thought it was so stunning that I decided to make it just like the quilt in the magazine. 


I used a design wall at the retreat for block placement.  Which was huge in being able to place blocks and step back and take a look.  It was a little tricky as some of the blocks looks similar but in different shades.  I didn’t want those too close together if I could help it.  At the same time I was trying not to sweat it too much knowing that when it was all together it probably wouldn’t be too obvious.

The quilt measures about 76” x 89”.  I will probably quilt it like they did in the magazine with a water ripple pattern in the blocks and a small stipple everywhere else.  We will see if I change my mind.



I love how the blocks look like doors.  And I put some colors together purposely to represent some of the people I love.  Like my daughter’s door is in her school colors and so is my son’s.  My husband’s door is in two shades of his favorite color and mine is in two shades of mine.   The cool thing is that if our tastes or change or when school colors change we can more to a different door in the building.  Do you see your door?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Retreat Review

As you know from my previous post I was gone to a retreat for Memorial Day weekend.  It has taken me until now to find the time to sit down and put a post together to show you what all my talented friends worked on.  Sorry for the delay. 

First I had to show you this gorgeous view.  We get to sew at the most beautiful place.  My husband and kids came by for a visit one day and we walked down to the water.  The tide had gone out earlier in the day and was coming back in.  We found lots of sand dollars and seashells and even saw some wildlife.  It was a nice break from sitting at the sewing machine.  I snapped this picture on the way down the trail.


Without further ado here is what my friends wowed me with this time…

Nan worked on this gorgeous quilt filled with Kaffe Fassett fabric.  I just love it!

















Here are two beautiful scrap quilts.  The first one is Barb’s…


And this second one is Margot’s…


Shirley worked on these cute doggie placemats for an animal charity auction.  They are all different and so cute with doggie themed fabric.


Shirley also made this vibrant quilt from fabric a friend had brought her back from Finland. 


Darlene made this quilt from a kit that she had bought.  It is pretty cool because the quilt takes 5 yards of fabric.  One yard of five different fabrics. 


Darlene’s grandson has become a cub scout so she made this cute pillowcase to take with him to summer camp.


Darlene used Bar Harbor charm packs to make this cute patriotic colored quilt. 


Alice and I sat right next to each other at the retreat.  She was so much fun.  And so generous too because when I realized that I didn’t have enough of a line of fabric I was working with Alice checked her stash on a trip back home one day and brought me some.  Here is a quilt she made…


She also bound a quilt, made little baby booties, and made this cute bag…


Melanie is participating in a row quilt exchange kind of like the Round Robin I am doing but with rows.  She finished this one off with the top row that shows a sun peeking over the clouds.  I love the creativity that each person took with their row.


After Melanie finished her row she switched over to working on this very large quilt top.  Isn’t it beautiful!


We were all in love with this quilt top Rosie put together with some blocks I think she found or someone gave her.  It is all scrappy with cowboy themed fabric.  I love the secondary pattern the blocks make when joined together.


This next quilt is one of those one block wonders.  All the blocks are made with one fabric.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the fabric Marianne was using when she made this.  Amazing!


This quilt was made by Joanne.  I like how she placed the color in this quilt and I love the batiks.


Susan is always amazing me with what she can find at thrift stores.  She shows up at guild meetings with the most beautiful yarns that she finds there.  Well she found all the fabric and the panel to make this quilt at a thrift shop.  Wow!


She also made this beautiful Storm at Sea quilt from a John Flynn laser cut quilt kit.  I love all the blues.


Amber came by for a visit and stayed to work on a project and have dinner with us.  She brought a mini trunk show with her of some of the quilts she had been working on.  I thought you might want to see it too!















I took more pictures than that but unfortunately the rest are too blurry.  I guess I was really excited to be there and couldn’t always keep still enough.  :)   You saw what I finished at retreat, but I also spent a lot of time working with this gorgeous stack of Kona solids.


And I cut them like this…

kona cut

And you will find out what I did with them in my next post!  Thanks for sticking around for this long post.  I hope you found some inspiration from my very talented friends.

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