Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I love camping.  It is one of my favorite things to do as a family.  I love the smell of a campfire, cooking out in the open, hiking, and making smores.  I love that we get to spend time together without all the distractions that seem to pop up at home.  I love it all.  We usually take one long camping trip every summer.  This summer we went to the Olympic National Forest


I loved being surrounded by all the gorgeous views.  We took lots of hikes and saw many fun things.  Like this deer that walked right by us and didn’t pay any attention to the fact that my kids were squealing about it.  Or maybe it was me that was squealing, I don’t remember.


On the same hike we saw the deer we also saw this huge patch of snow.  I love how it is shaped like a heart. 


We also saw a black bear while we were driving up to Hurricane Ridge to go hiking.  He ran across the road in front of our car.  It was too quick to get a picture but it was so cool.  We were all glad to have seen a bear from the car and not on a hike!

I think my favorite hike was Cape Flattery where we got to see views like this. 




And for you Twilight fans, we camped about 30 miles from Forks (no we didn’t go there) and went on a hike through a forest near our campsite that looked like they could have filmed the movie there. 


We also took some time to explore Port Angeles.  We walked around and visited the shops there.  I even found a quilt shop and bought myself some fabric.  We came across this mural being painted.


My kids were in awe (both aspiring artists) and talked with some of the artists that were working on it.  One of the artists asked my kids names and proceeded to paint their names into the mural.  It was so cool!  Both their names will forever be on a tree trunk of this mural.  How fun!

It is always good to come back home even though there’s always a mountain of laundry to do after a camping trip.  I hope my kids are forming good memories from these trips and that one day they will want to take their kids camping too.


Sinta Renee said...

I haven't been up there in years! It is such a beautiful place! I always keep my car window rolled down in my area (Yosemite/Bass Lake)where people are camping just so I can smell the campfires!!!

jabeybaby said...

We love going to Hurricane ridge in the winter for the snow. My daughter calls it 'the snow mountain'. We haven't been in the summer yet though. My biggest fear is of seeing a bear, I stress the entire hike!

Hirano Family said...

Looks so beautiful and what a great vacation. I would love to find out where you camped for future reference. What cool pictures and experiences!

Alexis said...

That looks so fun! We're planning on camping on the Olympic Penninsula this motnh too. I love that place! We'll have to plan a stop in Pt Angeles to see the names painted on the mural too ;-)

Chookyblue...... said...

what a gorgeous location..........

*karendianne. said...

Oh how amazing. I was a kid brought up on vacations camping and personally I think the memories are there for a lifetime. You're the best! There's so much to experience - not to mention the spiritual feeling being that close to Gods Country!

Anonymous said...

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