Friday, August 27, 2010


My husband and I recently got back from an Alaskan cruise. It was our first cruise and we had a wonderful time. We left out of Seattle which was very convenient since this is where we live.

The trip was celebratory for a few reasons. One reason was our 14th wedding anniversary. The other reason was that my husband finished the last of many grueling professional exams. I am so happy for him that he doesn't have that hanging over him anymore. I have two sisters that also live in Seattle and they each took our kids for half of the week. My kids had so much fun with their cousins!! My sisters spoiled them rotten and sent me texts and pictures of all the fun.
Being on a ship out on the water was so exciting and fun. The ship was so big and fun to explore. We stopped in four ports. Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Victoria B.C.

We didn't do any excursions on our trip. We felt like the cruise in itself was exciting enough. In each town we explored, geocached, went hiking, and hit the town's quilt shop.

Alaska is beautiful and we enjoyed the beautiful views. But above all we enjoyed a week long date together. It was so nice to be alone and to be able to give each other all our attention. We had so much fun.

We took dance lessons, ate yummy food, played ping pong, ate yummy food, watched movies under the stars, ate yummy food, enjoyed a comedy show, ate yummy food, watched a magic/illusionist show, ate yummy food... you get the picture.

They treat you like you are important people on the cruise and believe me, I could get used to that! One of the days in the middle of the week we cruised up Tracy Arm fjord and at the end is this incredible glacier. It is huge which you don't realize until you see the little boat in front of it. (click on the picture below to see the boat) I was amazed at the ice blue color of the glacier. It was breathtaking.

My favorite port was Ketchikan. I loved Creek Street with all the shops on stilts in the water.

And the rivers were so thick with fish you could have reached down and grabbed one.

I love this view of our ship towering above the buildings. It really shows how huge it was!

Like I said, at every port I found a quilt shop. My plan was to get a little fabric at each shop to make a quilt that would remind us of our trip. The fabric in every shop was very similar which made this easy.

At the first store I looked around and saw that all the fabric was very Alaskan wildlife, wilderness, etc. So I made a plan to do a bear paw quilt (there are lots of bears in Alaska) and I would feature lots of the Alaskan wildlife and colors of the water, trees, and rocks there. I have always wanted to make a quilt for my husband and told him that I wanted to make this especially for him and asked him to help me pick things out that he liked. It wasn't easy for him and he felt unqualified but I loved having him help design this quilt. He really wanted a fabric that showed the Northern Lights so we picked one out for the border. He also picked out a packet of native pictures on muslin and asked if I could put them on the back. I could have started singing, I was so excited that he was getting involved.

One other crafty thing is that I made myself a wrap around skirt for the trip. I really like how it turned out and it was fun to wear.

I am having a hard time getting back into life after being away. I feel blindsided that the kids are going back to school next week. I have been in denial and hoped that summer could last forever. It also doesn't help that I got my copy of Mockingjay and can't put it down. My birthday is tomorrow so watch for another post because I like to give stuff away on my birthday!


peaknits said...

What a wonderful getaway! I love the idea of getting fabric from every port - I think like that too - good to sew your memories into a piece to remind you of this special trip! And Happy Anniversary, too!

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip...and Happy Anniversary! This is on our bucket list for retirement...soon I hope! Your pics are wonderful and I love the idea of making a quilt of memories with the fabric you!

MichelleB said...

It looks like it was a fabulous trip. It's something that's on our list of things to do. After your pictures, I want to do it even more!

Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday. Hooray for August birthdays.

traceyjay said...

oh how exciting! And beautiful pictures. :)

I'm hoping the hubs and I get to do this one day!

Alexis said...

That looks like so much fun! Happy anniversary to you both! What a great quilt project that is going to be. I can't believe summer is almost over either... it sure did go by fast!

Tina said...

Fun...makes me want to go again...without the kids! Can't wait to see your bear paw quilt! Glad you had such a great time!

Stanton Blog said...

Trisha, I am so happy that you had a wonderful time on your cruise. I sure loved mine. Glad that you were able to find the quilt shops too and that you are making the quilt for your husband. We have mine on the family room couch. It brings back lots of memories. Are you going to be on the retreat next weekend? Hope to see you there, but if you aren't maybe you can stop by. Happy Birthday!!!

shannon said...

thanks for sharing your trip- i too like your idea for the quilt...

me and me other are wanting to take an alaskian cruis and we were wondering what cruise line did you use and what were your thoughts..


Jackie said...

An Alaskan land cruise and tour is something I always wanted to do. I had no idea that Ketchikan was so beautiful! Seattle is another place I'd like to spend some time too. Happy Anniversary and many more!

2miracles/Tove said...

Beautiful, cruise photo's. So proud of you for finding a quilt shop! That would be my first stop! Sorry you had to come home to our summer cooling off, that is a bummer.
Oct.1-3 (double check those dates) is the Stash dash this side of the water. There are I believe seven shops participating. You get a fat quart from each shop you go to(free). Its a great activity for anyone want to get out of the city and buzz around the pennisula.

Here is the link:

iSew said...

Looks like it was a wonderful trip, I'm so glad. I'll have to think about that cruise for when we have our 14th anniversary in 11 years, haha. Nice to have you back and I can't wait to see the quilt!! Great idea to remember the trip.

Sew Many Quilts said...

That is a wonderful vacation. We went on the same trip in May. I went to the same fabric shop. I made potholders for the others in our group from some Alaska themed fabric I got there. You are right about the crew aboard the ship. They work hard to give great service.

We Six Nasons said...

First of all, Happy Anniversary! You and your hubby look so happy. Taking a cruise like that is so neat.

I was thrilled to see all the pictures you took of Ketchikan, since I lived there for 4 years. The Silver Thimble was my favorite place to hang out. I hope you enjoy making your Alaskan bear paw. I love Creek Street too. We would just walk down the boardwalk for fun and pretend we were tourists. Thanks for sharing your trip!

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