Monday, October 18, 2010


As you can see from the tag line of my blog I quilt and I knit and I love them both.  Often one gets a little more attention than the other.  My new job of making quilt samples has kept me quilting regularly but I haven’t worked much on my own projects.  With the weather turning crisp and the leaves changing colors I have turned to my knitting with a fervor.  There is something so cozy about working with wool when the weather cools.  I can’t seem to get enough of it. 


The first thing I did when I got the itch was to find the shawl I had started as a knit along project with my knitting group.  They had all finished theirs and mine had gone into hibernation over the summer.  I am happy to say it is done and it is gorgeous.   I have enjoyed wearing it as a scarf and as a shawl. 


It has a lovely drape and the yarn is part wool, part silk so it is very soft.  I love the ocean blue color. 


Pattern:  Clapotis

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss (fingering weight); 2 hanks and part of a 3rd

Needles: size 7

This pattern was so enjoyable to knit that I would love to make another one. 


I have jumped right into another knitting project.  I fell in love with a sample I saw at my LYS.  I wouldn’t normally take on an afghan because I worry that I would never finish it and I can make a quilt much faster but this one is so gorgeous and has so much going on that I knew I would not be bored. 


And I am not bored at all, in fact I can’t seem to stop!  I am so crazy about the colors and the yarn is so soft and smooshy.  This picture was outdated right after I took it because I knit more on it right away.  I hope I can finish it before fall is over but if not I am sure I will enjoy it all winter long.   


Suzanne said...

I love your clapotis. I've had one in my ravelry queue for so long; I should just take the plunge.

Lou said...

Now - you KNOW that your new afghan is just my colors! Hint, hint. Actually, what's the name of the pattern and which shop? I might need to pick up the pattern/kit for myself. It's gorgeous.

Marcy said...

I need to know the pattern, too!!!

Jackie said...

I'm loving your afghan too! Love all the different stitch patterns. I've not knit a Clapotis yet. The yarn you selected is lovely!

Vicki quilternp said...

I love that afghan I have not knit in years but I would love that all the different stitches would keep my interest and it looks like each section would go pretty quickly
Can you supply the name of the pattern and where it may be purchased?
I do a lot of quilting and doing some knitting at night would be a great change for this time of year

Shirley said...

I would also like to know the pattern. That is so beautiful. Do you know if your LYS still has any kits? Thank you!

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