Friday, October 15, 2010

My Round Robin

I am so happy with how my round robin turned out!  The ladies in my group did an awesome job.  My block is the mariner’s compass in the middle with the striped border. 


I passed it on to Susan who set my block on point and added those gorgeous corners that look just like my block.  Then Dolores added that wonderful checkerboard border.  Mary Ann was next and she did the flying geese border.  I love flying geese and was so happy to see them included in the quilt.  Ada finished it off with the colorful piano key border with the wonderful black with white polka dot fabric. 


I love the look of it and haven’t decided if I want to add to it or not.  It was really fun to see all of the other round robins revealed that night too.  You might recognize the first four as they are ones I worked on and posted on here.


























If you ever have the chance to do a round robin I encourage you to do so.  They are lots of fun and they stretch you to be creative.  And in the end it is so fun to see what everyone did with your quilt!


shannon said...

beautiful quilts! yours and the poppiesi nt he vase would be my hard choosen favorites..

i have a question: how long did each lady have to complete their border before sending it to the next lady?
thanks shannon

Teaquilts said...

Wow! Love all the round robin quilts. That is an amazing group of participants. Each of the themes were well thought about in including the borders. RR are my favorite type of quilt and I love the challenge of determining the next border.

Thanks for sharing the process and results on your blog.

Jackie said...

They're all so different and so interesting to look at!

Sharon said...

Aren't Round Robins fun? These are all wonderful quilts!

Lou said...

Everyone really did a nice job, didn't they? It was fun to watch the reactions of the owners as theirs was revealed.

Tine said...

They are all beautiful!! It must be fun to have quilting friends sort of close by ;)

Leeanne said...

Wow, you all some some beautiful quilts.I am in a Round Robin group too and it is neat fun,we get ours back at the beginning of December after giving them up in February, so I have forgotten a bit about mine.:-)
We a doing Rows that most of us will join ourselves.Last year we did more of a sampler type quilt top.

Peggy said...

Oh what beautiful round robin quilts. A lot of talent there. I just posted one on my blog and we call them brown bag quilts!! They are fun...thanks for sharing all the pictures. Peg in Southern Mo

Anne Ida said...

Your RR turned out wonderful! No wonder you are happy with it :o)

Great parade of RR quilt tops - lots of tallent to spot there!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Hugs and stitches

julieQ said...

So pretty...each one so different!! Thank you for sharing them!

beth said...

that's an awful lot of round robin quilts!! My favorite is the one with a border of tea cups! very cute.

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