Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Quilts

Before I show you the baby quilts I just finished and gave to two good friends, I wanted to show you how my Autumn Haze afghan is going.   Shirley asked about it in a comment on my last post so I thought I would show you my progress.  I forgot all about it since I haven’t been able to knit on it for a month or so because of Christmas gift making. 


And guess what?  Still not bored with it for one second.  In fact it has been very hard to set it aside to get other things done.


This first baby quilt is for my friend Tammy from church.  We’ve worked together at church for the last 3 years in the Primary which is where the kids 3-11 years old go.  I have really enjoyed working with her and we have become good friends.  I really went all out on this quilt for her baby girl. 


It is pretty much all stash except for the binding which I went and bought after the quilt was all done and ready to be bound.  I love the look of the double pinwheel block.


I used a lot of my favorite fabric in this quilt.  It was so fun to stand in front of my shelves of fabric and put this color scheme together.


I free-motion quilted it and even wrote the baby’s name along one of the white sashing strips.  It was a fun way to personalize it for her.


The next baby quilt was for another good friend from church.  Tiffany had a boy 2 months ago and it took me this long to get it finished.  Which is kind of lame since I had the top done quite a while ago because I made it for A Year of Schnibbles.


Tiffany dresses her boys in bow ties for church and it is the cutest thing.  As I pieced this quilt I knew I would be giving it to her for her third little boy that would soon be born. 





I bundled them both up and my husband and I went to visit both mommies yesterday after church.  It feels so good to give a quilt and see the look on the recipient’s face.   


They were both so happy to receive them and it put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.


Alexis said...

Those are both so cute! You put a lot of thought and effort into those gifts... what lucky moms to get quilts from you!

Kim Walus said...

What perfect quilts and the bowtie quilt is such a cute quilt for the little boys that wear bowties to church. I'm sure both of your friends were ecstatic to open their gifts.

Drucilla's Stitches said...

Love the pinwheel quilt....the colors are gorgeous.
Merry Christmas!!

Tracee said...

I love your baby quilts they are gorgeous. As for the afghan OH MY GOSH...the work that is in it unbelievable, my mother would love it and how are the arms holding up?

Pat said...

Aren't baby quilts fun? and yes - the joy of giving them is WONDERFUL! LOVE both quilts!

and if I'm going to make something as big as your beautiful Autumn Haze afghan - I'll be sewing it!

em's scrapbag said...

Love the baby quilts. The pinwheel is my fave. Love the brights with the dark fabric.

Suzanne said...

I really like the balance of prints you have in the first baby quilt.

Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful quilts........

Vicki W said...

They are all adorable!

iSew said...

Both of those quilts are just gorgeous!!

Shirley said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for posting your progress on your afghan! It is just beautiful. I did end up buying the book (thank you very much!) but still haven't started anything in it. Your quilts are absolutely gorgeous as well!

Merry Christmas!

Tiffany said...

Thank you, thank you for the quilt Trisha!! It's perfect for our newest little guy. We LOVE it!

Tiffany said...

Thank you, thank you for the beautiful quilt, Trisha! It's perfect for our newest little guy. We LOVE it!!

LMG said...

I'm wondering how much of a pain it was to bury all the ends in your Autumn Haze afghan? They advertise that it involves minimal finishing but with all the color changes I can see that weaving in all the ends might be time consuming.
I just finished one with a lot of yarn switches and said I wouldn't do something like that again, but I just love the Autumn afghan!

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