Sunday, March 6, 2011

Diagonal Lace Socks KAL -Update

I was really enjoying knitting socks again, especially these socks.  That is until I got to the heel and realized it was a heel I had never knit before.  Uh oh.  After reading through what I was going to have to do I realized I had done similar heels before but the wrap and turn always makes me break into a sweat.  I can never seem to see those little wraps when it comes time to pick them up!  Luckily I had my knit group on Wednesday and there is always someone there that “has done it before”.  Sure enough I got help from Cheryl and Dewey.  Cheryl found my wraps for me and pointed them out and Dewey suggested using safety pins to mark my wraps. 


What a great idea!  So later that day when I did the heel on the second sock I used little safety pin stitch markers to mark my wraps.  It took all the fear out of it for me and that second heel was complete in half the time it took to make the first one. 


Now both heels are done and I am working my way up the leg.  I really like the look of the heel turn and heel flap.   It looks like the heel I always use when I make top down socks. 


How are your socks coming along?


Jackie said...

That's the exact reason I'm not fond of short row heels. Combine those wraps with the dark yarns that I like and I just can't see them. I'll have to try your tip.

Suzanne said...

Your socks are coming along nicely. I did one pair and now just cast on for another. They are simple socks right now made from self patterning yarn but that is perfect for me.

We Six Nasons said...

Those are beautiful socks! I love the pattern and the yarn. You always do such a lovely job. Thanks for sharing your heel experience!

Anita said...

I'm working on my first heel and it is making me sweat a little too. It almost makes me want to ditch the toe-up process. But I'm plugging away and maybe I'll feel differently when I can finally get past the heel. It would be good to feel a little more confident with toe-up socks.

sewtakeahike said...

I so want to be a knitter, Trisha!!! It just doesn't compute in my head very well! I'm totally loving your socks!

julieQ said...

Very pretty socks...I have heard the the heel is the hardest part...yours look super!

Lou said...

the skacell KAL has a garter stitch short row heel. I think it's my new favite. No wraps to pick up. Its supposed to be a 'cushier' heel, too.

MindiTheMagnificent said...

I thought I recognized that yarn! Just finished a pair for myself in that exact yarn! LOVE the colorway and the fiber. They feel sooooo good.

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