Sunday, April 10, 2011


I feel like I won the lottery!!  I got a package in the mail and I knew it was the doll quilt that my partner made for me.  It felt like Christmas morning.  I carefully opened it and I saw bright, solid  fabric and hand stitching in bright thread.  That’s when the squealing started.  Oh yeah, I am not ashamed to admit it. 


You know you would have too.  Just look at this gorgeous quilt.  I can’t believe it’s mine. 


Isn’t is awesome!  I am crazy for Kona solids so this quilt is SO me. 


I love the label on the back.  Isn’t it so cute?  And I love the backing fabric.  So perfect for this quilt.  


Thanks Bryanna!  I love it!!  And thanks for the fabric bundle too.  I will have fun cutting into it.


Jackie said...

It's SO pretty! I can see why you've been squeeling!!!

Tina said...

How exciting! You got the perfect quilt for you.

Bry said...

So glad to know you like it and that you think it's 'you'! :D Hugs!!

delia hornbook said...

That's very sweet gorgeous colors. Enjoy it, dee ;-) x

Suzanne said...

Wow! All those little log cabin blocks. I'm impressed and very happy you got something you like so much.

Roxanne said...

I'd be squealing too. What an awesome treasure!

peaknits said...

What a lovely quilt! I am so glad it came to live with you:)

em's scrapbag said...

This is so fun. I love all the color and the stitching is wonderful!

Amy said...

I had no idea you had a blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you are so excited about something as homey feeling as quilting and knitting socks! HEllO! Those things are the cutest. I have to say I am SO happy I now have a way to spy in on your creative world! My blog not so entertaining :)

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