Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dropped the ball

I have seriously felt lately like I have dropped the ball in regards to my blog and my two loves, quilting and knitting.  We put our house on the market and to make the house more appealing we had to move my beautiful sewing center out to the garage to open up the dining room more.  So instead of having everything at my fingertips in the dining room where I have always sewn, it is put away.  I do love how clean and spacious my dining room is now but my quilting has taken a serious hit.  If I want to sew now I have to take a dozen trips out to the garage to bring my supplies inside to the kitchen table.  And if I get a call that someone wants to see the house I have to pack it up quickly so everything looks perfect again.  So most days even though I would love to sew, I don’t have the energy to get all set up for it.  It is really bumming me out that I am not quilting every day and that has also spilled over into my knitting too, which shouldn’t be affected by it because I can knit anywhere and it takes no set up.  Even though it makes no sense and I can tell myself reasons why I shouldn’t let my circumstances stop me, I am not making it work very well.  I think mentally I have already moved and have my own sewing room where I can steal away for a few minutes with a current project that I didn’t have to clean up so we could eat dinner.  I think because of that, I am less satisfied with what I am currently dealing with.  I just keep telling myself that with the way houses aren’t selling right now, I need to figure out how to make my situation work now.  I even said to my 12 year old daughter and 10 year old son, “Wouldn’t you love to share a room with each other?”   In which my daughter replied, “I really don’t think that’s appropriate, Mom.”  Oh well, it was worth a try.  Maybe someday I will have a sewing room and it won’t be because I stole it from one of my kids.



I did promise you some pictures from the retreat I felt so lucky to be able to go to.  I think I enjoyed it more than usual because I got to sew all weekend.  It was heaven!  One of the projects I worked on was this quilt designed by Anita called Bloomin’ Pinwheels.  This is an almost an all stash quilt.  I need to put another border on it and then it will be ready for quilting.          



One of the things I love about retreats is getting to know the women in my guild and being inspired by them and the projects they are working on.  I sat across the table from Roseann and really enjoyed talking with her and seeing what she was working on.   She was working on a quilt that absolutely fascinated me.  She took this fabric…


Cut it up within the repeat of the pattern, sewed it back together and got this… IMG_1760

It was a class she had taken and I just love the concept and look of it.


Here is another quilt that Roseann worked on that weekend…



Cindy made this fun quilt…


Lucy played with some black and white fabric.  I love how she added the pop of color.


Ruth made this fun kid’s quilt.


Here’s Barb modeling one of her wallet purses that she makes.  She cracks me up!


Barb made this very cool quilt.  I think she said it was called Chinese Puzzle. 


Isn’t it pretty?  I love how she quilted it.


By the way… Barb is the Featured Artist at our quilt show coming up this weekend.  So if you live in the Seattle area come meet Barb and see some incredible quilts (and mine too, haha) at the Kent Commons in Kent, Washington on Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd.  You won’t want to miss it! 


Roxanne said...

I sympathize with you Trisha. My quilting,etc. was confined to a tiny kitchen in our 12x60' trailer for 10 months while we waited to close on our house. Perhaps an idea would be to set up a suitcase with your most important sewing tools and supplies that you could move back into the garage at a given moment. And going on a quilt retreat helps take off the pressure waiting to move.

LynCC said...

I just cracked up at your asking the kids about sharing a room. So sorry you're having to deal with the stress and inconvenience of living in a house on the market. Here's to a buyer very VERY soon!

Alexis said...

Best of luck with your house sale Trisha! I love how your pinwheel quilt turned out. I hope to make it to your guild's show next weekend!

delia hornbook said...

First of all WOW those quilts are amazing and second double WOW that rose one where she cut up the fabric and sewed it back together is amazing, gorgeous and a complete work of art i have never seen anything so beautiful and the love and the time that has gone into it..stunning. Thank you so much for sharing those with us. So sorry to hear your struggling a bit with the house sale and your sewing time. Could you not fill up a basket with all the things you need and store it in a cupboard then you wouldn't have to keep popping out to the garage i am sure you have thought of this already ;-)) hope you get a sale soon. dee x

Anita said...

Oh, I hope your house sells quickly! It would be hard for me too to not have instant access to all my sewing. But your retreat looks awesome! I am going to Sisters, OR in July. while it's not an official "retreat", it is a bunch of women sharing a house and taking classes. It's almost a retreat... :D One of these days I will have to get the full retreat experience!

Suzanne said...

I understand those challenges! My quilting and knitting habits ebb and flow and ultimately everything rights itself. Good luck with your house.

Will you post the technique that Roseann used to make that flower quilt? Thank you!

Jackie said...

There is a season to everything and right now it's the season to sell your house. It's a challenge to keep everything show ready. Good luck and I hope you have a buyer soon.

Bev Kirk said...

Hi Loved the origami flower petals on the heading of your blog.... I'm making a 9-patch quilt with the fabric folding petals.... Did you ever make them.... visit my blog one day. Take care and bquiltin all the time

Janae B said...

Hope you don't mind I joined your blog.
Emily has been showing me your beautiful quilts. I can't believe how awesome they are and what a beautiful quilter you are.
If you are ever in Utah please come and see us and we will have a little Blake Quilt Retreat and invite all the old roommates to come and have a party with us.
Can you believe it has been since 1996 that we saw you last. Too long ago.
I would love to have access to your patterns if you ever sell them.
Janae Blake

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