Monday, June 13, 2011

-Insert clever title here-

I finished this quilt top recently for my friend Gail, The Quilted Gypsy.  I sew for her and really enjoy it.  She has such an eye for putting fabric together.  Lots of times they are bold and fun like this quilt.


This pattern is called The Big EZ and is quite popular right now around my quilt guild.  It shows off big prints beautifully and is lots of fun to make.   If you ever see anything you like that I make for Gail, you can contact her and order one for yourself!


At the beginning of this month I was supposed to have these Jagged socks done from my self imposed sock club.  It was during my ‘woe is me’ faze of  trying to quilt and have my house on the market and for some reason that spilled over into not knitting.  So it looks like these are going to take me a little longer. 


I did pick up the needles again recently to knit myself some dishcloths since mine are all worn out and need thrown away.  I love this dishcloth pattern.  It is really fun to knit and very pretty when it is done.  But it does use more yarn than a normal dishcloth so I don’t know if I will have enough.  I might just close it up wherever I finish or add in a sliver of another color.  We will see!


I also started a shawl called 198 yards of Heaven, but that name won’t work for mine since I am using a fingering weight yarn instead of a worsted weight yarn so it will be more like 398 yards of Heaven.


I had a lot of questions about my design wall and I wanted to tell you more about it.  I did do a post about it when I got it and raved about it then and there was a link to where I bought it two posts ago but some of you didn’t catch it.  I bought it online at Vanishing Design (that’s a link you can click and it will take you there). 


I bought mine with the honey finish.  I absolutely love it.  My blocks stick to it with no pinning necessary.  It works like a shade.  You give it a little tug and it retracts back up into a roll under the shelf, with your blocks still on there!!  It’s especially nice when you don’t have a sewing room.  You can put it above a closet or high on a wall.  So there are all the details so you can get one for yourself if you like!


LynCC said...

Wowza - LOVE that top. You're right, it's a great way to showcase a large print.

*karendianne. said...

What a great post!!! Lots of yummies. Friend, I can't say enough about that quilt top. Really fantastic. 198 Yards of Heaven is divine. Wow. I crochet but I don't knit. This makes me think I wish I would have taken to that.

Alexis said...

I love those fabrics- you are right, that pattern is great for showing off the big prints. I am glad to see you are sewing a knitting away! Lovely work!

Anita said...

I was just thinking about emailing you about your socks. I hate that feeling when it seems like you just can't get into the groove of anything. I just have to sew up the toe of my second sock, but for awhile I was thinking mine were going to take forever!

Love your quilt top!!

Teresa in Music City said...

I'm just now quilting a Big EZ top that I am making into a duvet for my daughter in bold purples & deep blues. It's amazing! And it was so fun and easy! I love your dishcloth - do you know where could I find that pattern? It's just adorable & would make wonderful Christmas gifts for my sew buddies! :^)

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the post. It was loaded with inspiration.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Your knitting is great. And the teacups are cute. But that first quilt is like motion and 3D all packed into one!

Stanton Blog said...

Wow, I like this even better than the kit I got at retreat! Very pretty!

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