Friday, September 23, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

Have you started feeling that way yet?  That Christmas is right around the corner and the countdown has begun? 


Have you started working on Christmas projects yet? 


I made this cute Christmas quilt out of the fabric line Countdown to Christmas by Sweetwater.  I used the Schnibbles pattern George. 


It takes two charm packs and some yardage.  This fabric line is so cute!  I love how Sweetwater has words, letters, and/or numbers in all their fabric lines. 


If you love this quilt and want to make one of your own then head over to The Quilted and pick up a kit of your own.


Good news!  We sold our house!  Hooray!  So I have been busy packing and getting ready for our move.  So I don’t know that I will get a lot of sewing done for the next few weeks but I will have a sewing room real soon!!


Amy said...

Super cute in these fabrics. Congrats on selling your house!

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

I have read many times on the blogs about Schnibbles. I looked up term too but I didn't realize there are a whole set of them. Yours is wonderful.

Jackie said...

Congratulations on selling your house!

Your Schnibbles finish is fantastic! I love that the border is black, it really frames the quilt top nicely.

Melody said...

I just bought several cuts of Countdown to Christmas - thinking of Mug Rugs for quick Christmas gifts for the out of towners. Congrats on the house!

Mary said...

I went to the Quilted B, but couldn't find any of the kits. Are they sold out or just not put on the website yet?

Alexis said...

Congrats on the house! The Christmas quilt looks great!

delia hornbook said...

Lovely news about your house sale ;-)) Good luck with all the packing. Lovely quilt to i don't want to think about christmas just yet i want to enjoy the late September sunshine ;-)) dee x

Sherri said...

Congrats on selling! Are you moving far?

Love your Christmas quilt, too!

em's scrapbag said...

I love your cute Christmas quilt.

Stanton Blog said...

Everyone loved this one at the Northwest Quilting show in Portland last weekend at the Quilted B booth! You do a beautiful job on all of your quilting projects!

So happy that you sold your house. Good luck with finding the house you will really love and also with all that goes with it.

Anonymous said...

Hope your sewing room is more organized than mine!!

Anonymous said...

I love that quilt, it is adorable!

Anita said...

Cute quilt! But I can't think about Christmas just yet. :) Congratulations on selling your house!! I bet that feels really good!

blauraute said...

Your christmas quilt is great, wonderful fabrics. I love it so much.
All the best for you and I hope you can do some stitches in your new sewing room soon.
Take care

Judy Blinkenberg said...

What a beautiful Quilt! You are a great quilter.

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