Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back in the Groove

It’s been a month since the kids went back to school and I am getting back into the groove of having more time to sew.  It’s funny how a little time sewing  tends to make it look like a tornado went through my studio.  I guess I am a messy crafter.  It doesn’t help that I don’t have everything organized yet.  Since everything doesn’t have a place things tend to migrate around the room.   



My new thread catcher thanks to Ginny.  Great for throwing my HST trimmings. 


It is ridiculous how much time I spend looking for a tape measure.  Especially since I have bought so many that I should own enough of them to find them popping up all over.  There must be a tape measure gnome, kind of like the sock gnome.



I’ve been making these cute boats.  I can’t stop.  They are just too cute!



I joined Anita’s Random Sampler QAL and made these basket blocks.  I love the idea of making a sampler quilt with all different sized blocks and really no plan.  So we are just making blocks of all different sizes and at some point we will figure out how to fit them all together.  I am just picking fabric with each block.  No plan.  Love it!  We are just getting started so please come join us!



Another project I am working on is with my 14 year old daughter.  She is in a group at church called Young Women for girls 12-18 years old.  They have a program called Personal Progress that they do year round.  It is basically setting goals and bettering themselves.  They do a 10 hour project each year and this year my daughter’s project is to help me organize my scraps and get them cut into useable sizes like Bonnie’s Scrap Users System so we can make more charity quilts for Charity Quilts For My Birthday.  I thought it would be fun to complete the project with a quilt that she and I make for charity using the scraps she and I prepared.  So we are making a scrappy jewel box quilt.   The deadline to present her project is right around the corner so we are working feverishly to finish the quilt in time.


I’ll leave you with a picture of some fabric I pulled from my stash to make an Autumn quilt.  I’ve been cutting 4 1/2” squares of these fabrics to make a patchwork quilt because I want to try this quilting pattern.


What are you working on right now?  I would love to hear about it.


Lou said...

save those little trimmings for the last quilt in the Sunday Morning Quilts's all those little scraps raw-edged onto white. Cute! (miss seeing you!)

Tina said...

You have lots of projects going on. I made my blocks for Anita's QAL. I'll go post them so you can see. I'm excited! Thanks for telling me about it. Your boats are cute. Whatcha making? My DJ stuff came in the mail...let's pick a date!

Tracee said...

Wow you're certainly getting back into the groove of sewing. I'm loving those little boat blocks.

LynCC said...

Yep, those boats *are* cute. :D So are the baskets!

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